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FEMALE / DOB 1-3-2020

This sweet girl was recently foud on the streets. Luckily, Annick took her in and now she's safe! She is a gentle podenco cross, still very young but she is doing so well. At this moment (20-07-2020) she weighs 10 kilos, but she's still so young so she will grow some more. We will keep you updated!

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FEMALE - DOB 06/07/2020

River is one of the pups we found in a sack hidden in bushes near the river. She is now 9 weeks old and the vet said she is a mastin cross so she will become a big girl. She is at the moment the most energetic one and is lways the first to explore. She is very playful with the other pups and with us humans. She loves to be in the water also! She was in foster with a cat which she was fine with. She is a sweet and cuddly lady who will make a lovely pet.

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