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Since February 2014, ASAP has been saving dogs from starvation and neglect, keeping them safe in foster homes and getting them adopted into lovely forever homes. The organisation is located around Alhama de Granada, which lies between Granada and Malaga, in Andalucia, Southern Spain

This is a very rural area with a large number of animals living on the streets, either because they were born to

another street animal or because they have been abandoned. The numbers have steadily increased with the

economic crisis. This isn’t so unusual in many places in Spain, but the Alhama municipality has never had

a group working for animal protection before and so the problem is compounded.

ASAP comprises a tiny group of volunteers based in and around Alhama de Granada. As a registered charity,

we rely solely on donations to help vulnerable street animals here. Sadly, the problem of abandoned

and unwanted animals is serious in this part of the world. We see some dreadfully sad cases of neglect

and it does feel never-ending sometimes. Given our very limited resources, we do have to concentrate

on dogs, as cats tend to be able to survive better here on their own. We are desperate for foster carers

to look after rescued dogs, until they can find their forever homes. You’ll find more about how you can help us

by clicking here.

ASAP dogs are fostered in a home environment, where there are usually other dogs and cats and are not caged,

which means that we try our best to get your future companion socialised, before they leave us.  They are spayed or neutered in Spain by a rescue-friendly local vet. We can easily organise flights to get your baby to the Netherlands and Belgium and have a very reliable transport company taking dogs to the UK on a monthly basis. If you live elsewhere and have fallen in love with one of our dogs, we can always try and arrange a flight to somewhere near you. 

ASAP has a double mission. The dogs we rescue are taken into a foster home, until a forever home is found. We try to spay other dogs, who are unlikely to be adopted and these dogs are returned to their own environment, if we can offer care in situ. By spaying street dogs, we are not only helping to reduce the number of strays long-term, but also helping to keep them safe.

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