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To see all the information about these dogs and the Dutch translation, please click on the links on a computer or laptop.  Om alle informatie over deze honden en de Nederlandse vertaling te zien, klikt u op de links op een computer of laptop.

Catalina - 2-3 years old in Spain

Catalina is a gorgeous affectionate young lady who is looking for her Golden Basket. She was abandoned in a village where she spent a month being fed on the streets by a local lady. She is now in foster with ASAP and proving to be one of the easiest and most loving dogs we’ve ever had. We are unsure of breed at the moment but believe she’s 2-3 years old with short legs and a long body - (height to shoulder 30cm and length to base of tail 43cm). She is very relaxed and sociable with other dogs and people including small children.

We had a spare place at the sterilisation hospital so she went straight in for this procedure where the staff adored her. The young man in the photos works at the hospital and loved her so much he took her home for the night - visiting the Granada shopping centre on the way. She has had a full blood test which shows she is negative to the five Mediterranean diseases.

She really is the perfect dog - good on a lead, good in the car, good with people, children and other dogs. In return, she wants a comfortable bed, nice food and lots of cuddles. She is the perfect pet and whoever adopts Catalina will be a very lucky person.

We will update this post with date of birth and breed when we get her passport.

Click here to see more about Catalina


Lais - In Spain DOD 01/02.2022

Lais is the most wonderful young dog who was cruelly abandoned on the streets. As you will see from the videos she is very active and loves to chase a tennis ball. She is extremely sociable and playful with all other dogs - male, female, large and small.

She is very affectionate to people and loves cuddles and attention - something she has probably never received before.

Our vet has categorised her as a Belgian Malinois X and estimated her date of birth as 01.02.22.

Lais has been sterilised and has fully recovered. Her blood tests show that she is healthy and negative to Mediterranean diseases. She has her passport, full vaccination record and is ready to travel.

Belgian Malinois dogs are extremely intelligent and active so she will require a large space for exercise and plenty of stimulation. She would probably benefit from having at least one other dog to keep her entertained. In return, owners would get a loyal, obedient and extremely affectionate pet.
Click here to see more about Lais



Candy - Female 2years old
Little Candy needs a new home. We have been contacted by her owners who are no longer able to care for her due to a change in their circumstances.

She is 2 years old, sterilised and 36cm high. The owners tell us she is good with other dogs that she knows but a bit shy of dogs she doesn’t; good with cats and children. Please contact us if you think you can offer this sweet young girl a loving home and we will connect you with her owners.
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Damsel - Female Mastin 7-8 years in Spain

Damsel is a gorgeous 7-8 year old mastin. She had been used for breeding, mistreated and finally abandoned when of no further use. She was very scared and used to hide in a concrete tunnel under a road. She has been in foster with us and has transformed from a scared and neglected dog to a happy, playful and loving pet. She has a degree of hip dysplasia. This does not hinder her general mobility and she can run and play but does find too many steps problematic. She gets on well with all other dogs and completely ignores cats even when they come right up to her face! She is a very easy dog who needs so little - laying in the sun or shade during the day or in front of the fire in the evening. She enjoys a stroke, loves being brushed and loves food although this has to be limited so that she doesn’t gain excess weight. We are looking for a loving home with some outside space ideally in Spain for her to enjoy her ‘retirement’. Please get in touch if you can offer Damsel the loving home she deserves.

Click here to see more about Damsel


Trini - in Spain

Female -  DOB 01/01/2019 sterilised

Trini is desperately looking for her forever home. She is a very special 3-year old long-haired Podenco, who has been lovingly cared for in foster for over a year while she was nursed back to health. She is a calm, lovable, people and pet-friendly dog, who was treated for Leishmaniasis, earlier this year. This caused loss of hair on her nose and scarring on the tip of her left ear, which is improving all the time. However, it doesn’t affect her personality or energy level, so she is affectionate, friendly, and lively. Trini is house-trained, lead-trained, doesn’t bark, and loves to play with other dogs in the dog park, or go for long walks. If you could give this little girl a future by giving her a home, you would be well-rewarded not only with a fun, playful and affectionate companion, but also with the knowledge that you have given a very special dog a new life. Please contact us to adopt our lovely Trini.  

Click   here  to see more about Trini.

Helios (dob 01.01.22) has all the features of a pure Podenco but he is part ‘giant’. He is proportionately perfect but everything is twice as big as it should be and he now weighs a healthy 26kg.

Helios was first spotted by ASAP volunteers in September 2023. He was very thin and hungry but too scared to come for food. After several weeks of leaving food for him to eat, Helios plucked up the courage to follow the volunteers back to their home. He chose to stay outside of the garden for a while but then started to follow the other dogs into the garden after a walk. Helios slowly started to put on weight and he enjoyed the company of the other dogs but would not go into the house and remained timid.

It was decided that Helios should go to another foster home where there were already several confident foster dogs and family pets. It was hoped that Helios would slowly observe and learn that he was with humans that weren’t going to hurt him. There has been steady progress and Helios now confidently lives in the house where he is clean at night. He will now receive strokes from Annick, his main carer, although he remains rather nervous. He is also becoming more confident with strangers and as long as they ignore him, he will often creep up and touch their hand with his nose

As you will see from the photos and videos, Helios is brilliant with cats and other dogs. He loves to play and is a perfect ‘uncle’ to all of the puppies.

Helios' blood has been tested and he is completely healthy and tested negative for all 5 Mediterranean diseases. He has been castrated, he has his passport, is chipped and up to date with vaccinations.

Considering the abuse and neglect that Helios has suffered in the past, he is the most wonderfully, happy and playful dog who seems to be re-living his puppyhood now that he is safe. Whilst he is still quite timid with people, we believe that he is now ready to move on to his Forever Home - ideally, an experienced owner who knows how much patience and understanding will be needed for Helios to adjust to his new family and environment. Another dog or dogs would be a huge benefit to help him settle, and use up some of his energy .

Click here to see more about Helios




This is Mori, a female Mastin X, about 18 months old and the size of a long, tall, Labrador. She has been wandering around a nearby lake for the last 8 weeks or so with a local couple feeding her. She's very friendly although, sadly, a bit wary of men and sticks. She is playful with other dogs. Because of her age, ASAP has sterilised her and we have also got her a passport, microchip and rabies vaccination. However, we simply have no available foster places so she is still living by the lake. She is a lovely gentle girl and we are desperately looking for an urgent foster or, even better, an adopter. She is used to being free to wander so will need someone with a large garden or piece of land. She is unused to being on a lead but with gentle encouragement, she will get more used to this. Is there anyone out there who can help this lovely young girl?
Click here to see more about Mori

Tana - in Spain Adopted January 2024

DOB 1/1/22 Podenco bodeguero cross

black and white female

Tana had a litter of six puppies between rocks in the campo. A local guy had been feeding her. When her puppies where 3 weeks old I took her into foster. She was a great mum and also very playful with her puppies. From the beginning she was very sociable with my dogs and showed no aggression at all. Now all the puppies are gone and she is doing very well. Running around and chasing her best friend Ina is her favourite play activity. She is still a little shy with new people and we will work on it now she has more time. She is a gorgeous little dog moving her whole body when she waggles her little tail.

Click here to see more about Tana.

Sonny - Male DOB 1/6/2022


Adopted in Spain November 2023

Sonny is an amazing young dog! He was abandoned at about 10 months old and was initially shy with people but after 6 weeks in foster he has grown in confidence and is calm, happy, noble, and smart. He has quickly learned where he can and can´t go, will now come inside the house by choice, and is good with cats and other dogs. I don't know if he encountered horses on his walks . His recent blood test showed excellent results with none of the Mediterranean diseases present. Despite being just about 14 months old, he is gentle, playful but not boisterous and very much a person-oriented dog who will make a loving pet.

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Milo - in Spain - Adopted in UK

Male DOB 15/03/2022

In early July 2022, Milo was taken off the streets with his sister Juno, somewhere between Alhama de Granada and Bermejales. They had roamed there along with some other dogs, but the situation was very dangerous and the dogs were all malnourished. Unfortunately, our team could only "rescue" Juno and Milo. Both dogs now live together in a foster home, in the campo of Alhama de Granada. Milo is still very scared and insecure. Everything is new to him. However, he is now getting enough food and drink, but is not yet brave enough to explore on his own. His sister is a bit more adventurous. Together they play some naughty puppy pranks, but actually he is a very good-natured puppy. They usually stay outside, in an unfenced area, but don't run away. When we go for a walk, he walks well, not too far from his foster mom. Most of all, he would like to be close to her all day long. Milo also likes to be cuddled by her, but his fear makes him crawl away from strangers to hide. However, every day it seems to be improving and he gains more confidence. Some friends who come to visit do get a lick, if they stay somewhere and he can approach them gently. Walking on a leash has not been successful yet, but we are working on it. He's doing just a little better than Juno, but that means we can't go for a walk with them in the village or take them somewhere else for a walk. Milo is very sweet to other dogs (still a bit submissive) and also gets along well with cats. Who has time and a lot of patience to further socialize this insecure puppy and let him discover that the world can be a beautiful, pleasant place? We are sure he will grow into a sweet, loyal - and handsome - pet.

Click here to see more about Milo


Hugo - Shepherd terrier cross
Approx DoB 01.10.19

Hugo was found wandering alone and anxious in the campo. Although he is a Shepherd cross (possibly Australian Shepherd x Yorkie? Hard to know for sure) we think that Hugo was very much a pet and not a working dog.

He is around 4 years old and is a quiet, happy, affectionate boy who really loves people. Hugo is very well-behaved on walks which he enjoys enormously and gets on with other dogs and cats. He may have been an only pet because although he enjoys the company of other dogs he doesn’t like having his body-space invaded with overzealous sniffing!

Hugo has gone through a horrible upheaval in his life but he is a super companion, so deserving of a loving, forever home

Click here to see more about Hugo


This beautiful kitten was rescued from the street and has been lovingly cared for in an apartment, but her owner can no longer take care of her, so is urgently trying to find a loving home for her, preferably with her ‘brother’, Leon, the dog in the previous post. She is just 4 months old (01.07-2023) so not yet neutered or chipped. She is playful, sociable and affectionate and after a difficult start in life, deserves another good home. Please get in touch if you’d like to adopt her (and Leon) together or separately.

Click here to find about more about this kitten

Leon - Male DOB 14/05/2021 Adopted October 2023
Meet Leon, a lovely little fellow who has been well cared for but unfortunately due to ill-health, his owner can no longer take care of him. Leon is a Miniature Pinscher Cross, neutered, chipped, has a passport and all his vaccinations, including rabies, are up to date. He’s two and a half years old (14.05.2021) and weighs about 7kg. He walks well on the lead, is quiet at home, gets on well with cats but is more reserved when he meets other dogs in the street. For the last four months he’s been sharing his space with the adorable kitten shown below. So if you can offer Leon a permanent home, or even better, Leon and his little friend, please get in touch.

Click here to see more about Leon

Bobi - in The Nederlands -ADOPTED

Male - DOB 11/11/2021

This big gentleman is looking for a new home. He left Spain in June 2022 and quickly found a wonderful family. Bobi turned out to be a super affectionate, obedient and sweet pup with only 1 working point; he can NOT be alone! Then he panics so hard it's really sad. His adopters have moved heaven and earth to try and fix this, but despite all their efforts, they can't. So now we are looking for a new place for him where there is either always someone at home or where other dogs are present. Bobi has always done well with other four-legged friends around him. A stable mastina would be his ideal match we think so.

If you would like more information on Bobi - please contact

Benji - in Spain - ADOPTED FEBRUARY 2023


Male DOB 01/06/2021 - Sterilised

Benji was taken in by a family as a puppy and kept as a pet for about18- months, but mainly on a chain in a small patio. So, he was quite a nervous dog when he arrived at his foster home, but after a few days he started to relax, showing his true character. He loves being with his fosterer and wakes him up each morning - wagging his tail, nudging his hand with his wet nose, waiting to be stroked. He gets on amazingly well with the cats, who share the house and he has his own space, which he'll go to on command. He initially wasn't sure about walking on a lead, but now he walks with confidence. He loves to be with other dogs and people and he's so easy going. In such a short time he has become a lively and happy dog and thoroughly enjoys his walks. He never strays far off lead and would make a true companion or family dog. He tested positive to antibodies for Leishmania and is currently receiving treatment for this. However, he has no clinical symptoms of active disease and we hope the treatment will put him into full remission. 

Click here to see more about Benji.

Mini - in Spain - failed foster! They're keeping her!

Female - DOB 01/05/2017 - Sterilised

Mini had been seen wandering around the Bermejales area for several months and was fed on the street by local residents. It was discovered that she does have a microchip already, so her owners were contacted, but they didn’t want to keep her. She has now been rescued by a local family, who are willing to foster her for the time being. She's a very friendly gentle girl and is settling in well with the other 7 dogs at the property. She's fine with other dogs, cats and people.

Click here to see more about Mini.


FEMALE DOB 01/01/2021 sterilised

Sahne is a beautiful young Podenco cross. She was found abandoned in a local town and was hungry and scared. However, within a few days of being in foster, she developed into a happy, confident and playful dog. She is calm and relaxed in the house but loves running and playing with the other dogs when outside. She has been sterilised and apart from a few internal parasites that have now been treated, she is clear of the five Mediterranean diseases. She will make a wonderful family pet.

Click here to see more about Sahne

Lottie - ADOPTED in Belgium

FEMALE - DOB 05/05/2021 sterilised

Lottie is in foster with Hetty and they are very close to each other. They were both found abandoned in the Campo - possibly by a hunter. Both girls were starving and very scared of everything. However, they are now much more sociable and very healthy. Lottie is the more social of the two and wants nothing more than to be a loved member of the family. She loves to be fussed and stroked and especially likes her bum rubbed. She loves her food and she is chubby compared to how she was when she arrived. She does still get very scared in new surroundings and will actually shake until she realises that nobody is going to hurt her. She loves to play ball. She also gets on extremely well with the four other dogs owned by the fosterer but is a terror for chasing the cats. The fosterer also owns chickens and Lottie not bothered by them at all.  She walks quite well on the lead but it takes a while as she has to check for danger before moving!!The fosterers take them into town regularly where they sit well at the cafe and allow themselves to be stroked! Lottie is initially wary of strangers who come to the house but relaxes after a while and will slowly approach for a stroke. 
Lottie will need some time to settle with a new family but will be a fabulous pet once she gets to know her new family and surroundings.

Click here to see more about Lottie

HETTY - ADOPTED  in Belgium

FEMALE  DOB 05/05/2021 - sterilised

Hetty was found in the Campo - probably left behind by a hunter. She was very hungry and afraid of everything. Now she is much more sociable and completely healthy. She does run into the house in the morning to be petted, but if you make too sudden a movement, she jumps away again. She is learning to play with us. She is very smart and only recently started accepting dog treats from us, as she had remembered that is how we always caught her. She is very aware of her surroundings and is interested in it, which helps her overcome her shyness. She walks well on a lead, but is easily distracted and wants to sniff everything. She doesn't mind being petted by strangers when she's on the lead. She is a sweet, gentle dog and will make a good companion for someone who has a little patience with her. She gets along great with our other dogs, but does chase the cats. Strangely enough she likes to be in the run with our chickens, ducks and turkeys and then leaves them alone, but when they are out of the run she chases them.

Click here to see more about Hetty.


MALE   DOB 01/06/2020

Snow is a typical mastin - a gentle giant. He is extremely friendly and loves to lean against you and have lots of cuddles. He’s great with other dogs and would benefit from going to a home where there is a playmate for him. It is clear that Snow did not have a proper puppyhood and was probably taken away from his mum far too early. In his current foster home there is just a small dog so Snow has decided to ‘play’ with his fosterer in puppy-fashion - jumping-up and play-biting - this is being discouraged as he is growing into a strong and powerful adult and he has to learn that he’s a dog!!!
He likes long walks - he does a lot of the walks on his own. Snow’s fosterer lives in the campo and Snow is clearly used to wondering around on his own - probably trying to find food. The fosterer states “When I walk with him, he keeps his eye on me, but doesn’t stay with me the whole walk. But he always returns to our home. I let him wander, because he’s used to it. It’s a new life for him, I think he will change a lot in the future”.  He will chase cats if he sees them running but never hurts them and if the cats stand their ground and don’t run, then Snow just ignores them.  He is a little older than 18 months. The fosterer is feeding him good quality food so he can go from 45kg to the 70kg he needs to be. 

He has been tested for the 5-Mediterranean Diseases and was positive for Anaplasma and had a borderline serology result (40 IFI) for Leishmaniasis, but has no clinical signs of the disease. He is receiving doxycycline for the Anaplasma and will take allopurinol for 6-months before a retest. 
Ideally, an adopter will have a large garden and a big dog for him to play with. The fosterer’s land is not fenced and Snow did wander off a few times in the beginning but now he knows that his fosterer loves and feeds him, he always comes back!  He still follows the fosterer’s car if she goes out but then waits for her on the edge of their land. He’s a bit reluctant to get in a car but once in, he settles nicely. Snow is a wonderfully affectionate dog who will be a fabulous pet. He sleeps in a fenced outside shelter at night.

Click here to see more about Snow.


FEMALE 01/01/2020 sterilised 31/3/22

Chica is a small energetic dog with a big personality. She enjoys the company of both dogs and cats.  Chica loves to play with her toys.  She is quick to learn. She understands the words stop and down when she jumps up onto the table. She also understands the words, walkies and dinner time.  Chica prefers relaxing next to us with her head on our legs rather than on our laps in the evening.  She is relaxed in the car for short journeys. She has been sick on longer journeys, especially on winding roads.  She enjoys walking in the campo and is very inquisitive of her surroundings.  Chica likes to dig up the mole hills.  Chica is a very lovable, funny, playful dog and will make a wonderful family pet. Fine with the family cat.

Click here to see more about Chica


Male  DOB 01/02/2021 sterilised

Tinto is a beautiful Podenco Campanero with a glamorous strawberry blonde, wavy coat. He was found abandoned on the streets, living off rubbish. He was rescued by a member of ASAP and is now in foster in a home with three other large dogs. They all get along famously.

Tinto is quiet and calm in the house; he is house-trained; and he has the sweetest nature. He loves attention and cuddles. Out on a walk he is a bundle of energy, running around all over the place and playing with the other dogs. After some initial uncertainty, he’s discovered he loves playing in water too. His breed is used for hunting and Tinto definitely likes to try and pick up a scent and follow it! His recall is currently good, and we’re working on improving it. The good thing is that he doesn’t go too far even if he’s a bit too busy to come when he’s called! And he knows when it’s the end of the walk and often he just appears and jumps in the car. As with many street dogs, Tinto tested positive for some internal parasites and he is receiving treatment. This ends in mid March 2022 and he will be clear of the condition. Tinto would make an ideal family pet for people who like going out on great walks so he can expend his energy.

Click here to see more about Tinto.


Male  - DOB 20/12/2019 sterilised
Dalí is one of those dogs who melts your heart. Despite being so badly treated by someone - found with a rope around his neck on a short chain with several injuries to his face and badly infected ears - he remains a loving and affectionate young boy. He has been in foster for four months and is thriving. Unfortunately, Staffordshire and Dogo Argentina are classed as dangerous dogs in Spain so his passport says ‘Labrador cross’ but as you will see from the photos, he does have some staffie or dogo argentina in him.
He is very people focused and very boisterous when playing so probably best not to be with small children as he may knock them over. He is a friendly bulldozer.
His wounds have healed nicely although he does have a tear in the cruciate ligament on his back right leg. He is not in pain with this and it doesn’t stop him from doing anything - running, playing and jumping although he sometimes limps in the evening if he’s been very active all day. He is taking a glucosamine supplement to support the joint and will need to stay on these.
He gets on well with the fosterer’s other dogs but actually prefers the company of people - as you will see from the photos. He has been castrated, is fully vaccinated and ready to travel on 8th April.

Click here to see more about Dalí.


FEMALE DOB 01/01/2018 - sterilised
Tana is a beautiful German Shepherd who was found abandoned in Alhama but had obviously
been taken care of at some point. She is about 4 years old, neutered, weighs 30kg and is quite
calm, affectionate and playful. She gets on well with other dogs and cats and is house trained
but will need more lead-training as she tends to pull a bit. Although she has been diagnosed
with Leish, she has no apparent symptoms or scarring. She has been receiving treatment and will need to continue on Allopurinol for another 12 months, with blood tests every 6 months to check her progress. Tana will make an excellent companion or family pet, so if you can offer this lovely girl a permanent home, please contact us to adopt Tana.

Click here to see more about Tana

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