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FEMALE / DOB 01-01-17

Maïté is the mom of Tato, Turko, Sally and Zia. She was found with a nasty wound on the bottom of her left front paw, which has been cleaned very thoroughly and she is now receiving a strong course of antibiotics to fight off the infection. She is starting to walk on it little by little, so we think her paw will be healed nicely in a few weeks. She is a strong and feisty girl who loves to be near us. She will jump up - mind you that that can not be easy for her with her paw - just to be able to cuddle us more. She is a funny and playful girl who is very pleased to run after a ball, although for now we are trying to keep her calm for a bit longer. We are sure she will make a lovely pet!

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MALE / DOB 15-01-2019

This little black beauty was found by friends of ASAP. He looked very poorly, so they took him to the vet at once. He was skinny, dehydrated, was diagnosed with leishmania and had 2 fractures in the humerus! Three months later he looks very healthy, has received treatment for the leish and had a hip operation. He needs to be retested in July. Like so many dogs that are found left to die, he too needed to learn to trust people. Gwendolyn and her husband are working on it day by day. They even are getting him trained in obedience. He loves their other dog and plays with her. He is totally house-trained and stays on the plot, although it is not fenced.

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Peeke is one of the dog group that we call "the coyotes". These brothers and sisters have all been staying at Els' since they were about six months old. We expect they have been mistreated somewhere, because they are not fond of new people. ​They do however, warm up to people who they know can be trusted. And that's what would make them a great companion. If you have some patience, we are sure the coyotes will become your best friend.  You can read the story of Obi, another Coyote who got himself a lovely forever home by clicking here.

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Clem(ente) IN BELGIUM

MALE / about 6-7 yrs old

Clem (Clemente) was found wandering the streets in October. It is unknown how long he had been a stray. He was thin, tired and shied away from human contact. He soon gained the trust of humans when he was fed. He responded by being submissive and rolled over and then gently licked my hand. He is now being fed regularly on the street and has turned into a playful and happy boy who enjoys the company of humans and other dogs. Clem has been castrated. His name means 'mild and merciful' and he certainly is. Would be lovely if we could find him a home locally.

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FEMALE / about 2,5 years old

Madrid and her seven pups were found and taken in with ASAP. She is about two years old. A definitive DOB will be determined by the vet soon. When Madrid first arrived here she was wary of us and uncomfortable. She allowed us to sit with the puppies on that first day, though. The next day we tried to get her in the car to go to the vets, but she would turn and snap as a warning if somebody tried to lift her - just to say that although she was worried about what was happening, she was not aggressive. Later that same day, she was already comfortable with us, showing that she learned to trust us very quickly. She is suuuuuuuper cuddly, jumps up for cuddles and is just very very sweet. She's very gentle with all of the pups.

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Poppet was taken in by ASAP's Sallyanne recently, heavily pregnant, and gave birth to her puppies only two days later! She is a very calm and gentle young lady. We don't yet know how old she is, but we'll keep you updated once she's ready to visit a vet!

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FEMALE / DOB 30-04-2016

Laki seems to be a pure breed German Shepherd. For the first years of her life she had the best time ever, her owner took her mountain biking with him. But then the man got sick, very sick and couldn't look after her anymore :( He chained her in a closed concrete kennel for 3 months... the kennel wasn't cleaned... Ani asked our help and Carole made room for Laky so she's safe in foster now, running free again on a big safe plot. She had to adept the first day, of course she did, what a change of life!!! But foster mom tells us she is very affectionate, loves to cuddle, likes to play fetch and is just being perfectly happy!

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MALE / DOB 01-07-2015

Tyler is a fabulous dog who was found on the streets. We think he has been owned as a pet because he walks very well on a lead and happily jumps in and out of the car. We have no idea why he has ended up on the streets but sadly this often happens when an owner dies. Our vet has aged him at five years old and has described him as a Dogo Alemán crossed with a Drahthaar - in my opinion he looks like a miniature Irish Wolfhound! He is quite bulky at 35kg but plays very gently with most other dogs - he can get a bit dominant with un-castrated male dogs. He loves his food and is very obedient. He has only been with me four weeks but knows his new name and always comes when called. He will make a wonderful pet. Tyler is travelling to Belgium on 09/09/20. 

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MALE / DOB 01-01-18

Simba is a very confident dog who is obedient, loving and adapts well to new environments. He is naturally payful and loves to chase balls. We've found him to get on well with other people, children and dogs. He is not really a lover of cats. He is a gentle dog and walks well on the lead. We have booked him for castration and he has tested negative for the mediterranean diseases. He is planned to travel to Belgium on the 6th of October.

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MALE - DOB 1/1/2017

This little chap - surprisingly predicted to be 3.5 years old - was abandoned in Moraleda and is currently in short-term foster with a local couple and their two dogs. He's just had his first vaccinations and we expect him to be passported, chipped and ready to travel in October.
He is very friendly and gets on with humans and dogs and cats. He currently weighs 22kg - 18/8/20.
Anyone interested in fostering or adoption please get in touch.

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