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Lottie - was Trini

FEMALE / About 18 months old

Lottie is approximately 18 months old and, as you can see, has been severely neglected - she weighs just 4kg. Remarkably, she is a happy and sociable little girl who is loving all of the attention she is receiving in her foster home. She will be available for adoption at some stage but first we need to nurse her back to health. If anyone feels able to make a donation towards her care, it would be very much appreciated. Regular updates will be posted showing her progress.

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FEMALE / About 2 years old

Missy is the mum of Joe and Lily and she’s about 2 years old. She did an amazing job of keeping Joe and Lily alive in such dreadful conditions. She is very small and weighs just 6kg.


She appears to have had very little human interaction and is quite nervous but her fosterer is doing a great job of befriending her. Missy is a happy dog and is usually wagging her tail despite her nervousness. She is gradually becoming more confident and her fosterer is now able to pick her up - she’s even had a bath! Missy has been diagnosed with Leishmania and is being treated for it at the moment. 

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