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ASAP has now been working to help street animals in Alhama for almost 10 years, and since 2014 over 650 dogs and countless cats have been rehomed! One of the founder members, Annick Smeets, who alone has fostered over 100 dogs, is on the current committee, along with Joanna Burge, Irene Cruikshanks (currently Chair) and our most recent member, Flavia Spreafico, who has taken on not only a very large dog, but also the role of Treasurer. We are supported by two other original members, Sue Murrow and Mandy Riddy, both now living in other countries, but who continue to give advice, support and invaluable help.  And we’re grateful to Monica Minting who has recently taken over managing our web pages.

It would be impossible for us to continue without the people who agree to foster for us, either short or long term. They are Denise & Paul Christopher, Kristin Moers & Piet Van Mierlo, Michaela Whittaker & David Grant, Mercedes Ruiz Rodriguez, and Alan & Christine Phillips. However, we desperately need more fosterers, so please do get in touch if you can offer a dog a temporary home. It’s great to see a skinny, scared, street dog transform into a well-nourished, well-adjusted pet, ready to go to a permanent home – a very bittersweet moment when they leave!

We are grateful for the help of our local Alhama vet, Calixto Moyano, and also Tatiana Cavero at Clínica Campus in Granada. We are also indebted to the many people who support us locally and abroad, by helping out, organising and, most importantly, donating. Without financial support we could not test, treat and vaccinate the animals in our care, or help with neutering the cat populations.  So please help us to keep going!

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