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Adopt or Foster

To know how the adoption process goes, click here.

If you foster one of our current rescue dogs, then that means that you will take care of him, while he is

waiting for his forever home. You will be teaching him how to live in a home and you would be releasing an

extra space for ASAP to take on another dog. We can easily organise flights to get your foster baby

to other areas of Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium and further afield by minibus to the UK.

You should be aware that sometimes fostering could be for a very short or long period of time!

You could also foster with option to adopt, which means you can decide to keep him forever!

Share our stories

Publicity can save a dogs life. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to share our dogs' stories!

Maybe you are the missing link between a dog and his forever home. 

Do you know somebody who is looking for a dog? Propose adoption instead of buying!

Become a flight attendee

Being a flight attendee means that you accompany some dogs on a plane from Spain (usually Malaga) to their forever home (usually the Netherlands, Eindhoven or Rotterdam). The dogs usually stay in a separate space, in a kennel, or one could stay with you on the plane in a carry-on bag.


Is this a flight you take on a regular basis and are you willing to take some dogs with you on some of these flights? Are you thinking of going on a holiday to the South of Spain? Are you willing to help ASAP out? Contact ASAP and you will get some more information!

Organise a benefit party for ASAP

Throwing a benefit party is a great way of bringing in money for a good cause. Here are some of

the benefit parties that have been organised in favour of ASAP, in the past.

Annick, one of the ASAP founders organised a birthday benefit party. Instead of people getting her gifts, they each donated some money to the ASAP bank account or gave supplies, such as a dog basket and some leashes.

Margaux, one of the Belgian volunteers, threw a benefit party in the city of Ghent on the 6th of October 2017, called Woef.Benefiest. There were bands, DJs, a tombola, auctions and a story with handmade clothes and accessories. Even two ASAP members from Spain attended the party! The evening was a huge success: around 250 people showed up and we raised an incredible amount of money, which has assured a good start to 2018. If you would like to see the photos of that evening, click here.

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