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ASAP was called to check on a dog roaming the streets of Alhama that was "not looking well" on the 8th of November 2017. When some of the ASAP team arrived, they could not believe their eyes.

This poor dog looked as though he had had a collar on for some time and had grown too big for it. It was clearly digging into the flesh on his neck and they couldn't imagine the state of his skin underneath. He must have been in awful pain. Several people had already tried to catch him, but he was scared and always ran away. Calixto, our Alhama based vet, was aware of the situation and had promised ASAP he would remove the collar and treat him if he was brought there.

A week and some unsuccessful attempts later, the ASAP team finally captured him. Their success was based on cat food, 6 tablets of calmavet, blankets, leads and decent walking shoes. It took them two hours of chasing him until they could corner and catch him. He was brought to Calixto immediately and his wound was cleaned up. It would take some time, but it was hoped that it would heal well. Els took him into her pack where he’ll have some time to rest and process what had happened to him. 

There have been some ups and downs for Johny. But the most important thing is that he is moving forward. Els has been working her butt off to make him understand that people can be nice to him. He is very keen on food, because he now eats it out of her hands, even though he is sometimes frightened to get close. 

He is a playful and social boy around other dogs. As he is a podenco, he can move swiftly around the others while they haven't even noticed he has moved.

Since January 2018, Els can clearly see him starting to get used to having a home. He manages to get inside, every once in a while, enjoying the warm sun through the window. The wound around his neck is now totally healed and he experiences no discomfort any more. He is a curious young boy, always pushing his wet nose against Els' hand to check for treats. 

ASAP believes Johny will be ready for adoption one day, since he has already made so many improvements, in such a short period of time. He just needs to find a loving and patient owner, who could change his life forever.

Prada & Nike: a love story

These lovely dogs used to live together on the street with their pups. Some lovely spanish people who lived nearby gave them a shelter and food. Their five pups are now adopted and one is still in foster.

Mom and dad are now reunited at Elses place. They stick together, wherever you see one, the other one is never far away. 

Prada (mom, right) is really soft and gentle. She was got off the streets with a wound on her front leg which was presumably caused by a car accident. Fortunately, her wound is healing nicely. Nike (dad, left) is still a bit timid but he looks so happy, always wagging his tail as soon as you even look at him. 

Jeffrey, the blind dog that chases butterfies

Jeffrey is a very special needs dog, because he is completely blind! The vet estimates him to be around 18 months old of mixed breed - some Podenco with Pointer and possibly Ridgeback as well. He has also been seen by a Specialist Eye Vet who confirms that his eyes are perfectly formed so the blindness is due to trauma to the head - possibly hit by a car (or worse).


He was incredibly thin and scared when we found him but is now the most amazing dog. Within a week he knew his way around the kennels and knew which was his pen when I said ‘time for bed’! He doesn’t bump into things and just seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to fences and gates although he does sometimes trip over a ball or toy! He plays well with all of the other dogs and is sociable with people - he loves a cuddle and he loves his food! He manages so well using smell and hearing. Not that I’m one to doubt the expertise of the vets, but I’ve got a videos of him chasing butterflies!!!! The only time his blindness is a problem is if we try to walk him on a lead - this he just can’t do yet but research shows this is possible with an owner he trusts and who has the time and patience to help him with this.


He is a gorgeous boy who would make a fabulous pet for somebody who has the patience required to help him adjust to new surroundings.

Wonderfull update: he has found the perfect forever home - where he has a big brother to help him around the house and on big walks!